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photographs and text by Giulia Morlando

The "Spending Time with Soil" project is an artistic investigation into the composition of soil through a photographic method known as 'soil chromatography'. During the residency period, soil samples were collected from various environments around Mariz


As I wandered through the verdant forests, tended fields, and tranquil forests of Maříž , I embarked on a journey to uncover the secrets of the soil beneath my feet. I collected samples from diverse environments and infused them with light-sensitive chemicals, creating papers that bore the marks of the earth's composition.


The slow and repetitive nature of this process, allowed me to connect with the materiality of the soil - its textures, aromas, and nuances. As I worked with the earth, a deep sense of intimacy and understanding of the land developed. Each paper was a unique expression of the soil’s life, telling the story of our impact on it, its health, and its vitality. In each location soundscapes were collected.


For the video work, I brought the papers back to their original locations and played the soundscapes alongside them, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the multi-sensory experience of the land. An invitation to slow down, to listen, and to connect with what we stand on.

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