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Letní škola Maříž _ Sommerschule Mayres 2023 Poster OCTOBER green.jpg

Leštnice Collective and the residents from this year's Summer School Maříž warmly invite you to join us for a feast filled with stories and sound at Floating University Berlin.


This year's edition focused on the theme of social architecture, weaving together three workshops centred on sound, building, and storytelling. Foraging, cooking, bookmaking, and reinhabiting the forgotten village of Leštnice were a few of the activities that unfolded in conjunction with this theme. 


Join us for an afternoon of collaborative cooking, where we come together to bring you a feast. As we cook, this process transforms into a live sonic experience brought to you by The Habitat Ensemble. The day culminates in a communal feast, open to all visitors for a voluntary donation, filled with delightful surprises. We cherish the moments of sharing a meal, where stories come alive.

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