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Stretching the concept of a cookbook, this publication not only assembles recipes suited for communal feasts but is a journey through the stories told while sitting together at the table. Interweaving the playful spirit of our kitchen with experimental approaches to foraging, sonic cooking and building in its broadest sense, this patchwork of diverse contributions originated within the ‘Summer School 2023’ residency around Leštnice, in South Bohemia.


Since the Velvet Revolution, the once-abandoned village of Maříž has been re-generated as an intercultural hub where people and disciplines can meet and intersect, creating a nurturing social fabric. Over the years, we came to understand food as the core of this community, its cultural heritage and as a practice of re-inhabiting. ‘Spiritual Cooking and Recipes in Practice’ invites you to design and experiment with infrastructures to accommodate the collective experience of cooking and eating together, providing a space for stories to be shared.


for everything that it was

it cannot be again


  • Edition of 100

  • 200 Pages, 21x30cm, Recycled Paper

  • Hand Embroidered Cover


‘Spiritual Cooking and Recipes in Practice’ evolved through a collective effort from the 10-day residency ‘Summer School Maříž 2023’ organised by Leštnice z.s. in South Bohemia, Czech Republic in 2023. This publication has been supported by:

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