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This is an edit of a recording made on the 19.08.23 in Mariz as part of a workshop of the Summerschool of the Lestnice Collective. 

The Participants who had collected edible plants from the forest during a foraging tour in the early morning, processed the ingredients together on a big table. The table had been equipped with number of different microphones. 

Dynamic microphones on stands were pointing on the chopping boards, contact mics were attached to bowls, chopping boards and the table it self, condenser microphones were placed with distance to record the entire room. Each microphone went to an own channel through which it could individually be manipulated with effects. 

The chopping, washing, cutting and grinding of the ingredients created an interactive sonic landscape. Participants used the microphones as well to record themselves chewing the plants, sing melodies or reflect poetically on the experience of eating and cooking.

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